April 16, 2007...founder Karoline Dehnhard writes...

The Living Window concept was born in January of 2007. Originally it was going to be a paper craft store , but I concluded that there were enough stores already doing a superb job. My goal became to find a way to use the transparent origami window star as the focal point of an organization or business.

photo: Hilde Dehnhard, 1996

My mother taught me how to make the "window star" many years ago. Her inspiration was a star that was given to her by my great aunt Louise Müller. I was really in awe of the beauty of the star and was thrilled when I could make one myself. Over the years I folded more stars, using different colored paper. One of the few books that exist on the craft, Window Stars, by Thomas Berger, inspired me to try different patterns.

In February of 2001, I hung some of the stars that I had made on a hospital window. Hospital staff were very complimentary. To me the stars brought a little bit of
warmth into an unfortunate situation. Living Window can build on that moment.

May 6, 2007 Karoline writes...

The special transparent paper is difficult to find. For a time hearthsong.com sold it (1-800-533-4397), but I could not find the product #706490 today on their website. It may be currently out of stock. I found it today on amazon.de (Flexocare Seidenpapier pastell made by Marland, 25 sheets, 500x700mm). I will continue to monitor possible suppiers of this product. "Transparency Star-Making Paper" in smaller sheets (100 6.25"x6.25" squares) appear to be available from achildsdream.com.

December 7, 2008 Karoline writes...

Yesterday I received an email:

I think this is a beautiful idea! Are you still doing this project?
Holland, NY

Today Amy sent the following:

...I am thinking that I might like to take your suggestion and make stars with my children for windows of hospitals at our local children’s hospital. You are inspiring indeed!
Happy holiday season!

Thank you Amy for thinking about making Living Window a reality!

HearthSong currently has the special transparency paper in stock that I recommend:


To all those that visit Living Window, fold window stars, and display them, remember to send Living Window your stories!

January 18, 2009 Karoline writes...

Robin of Washington offers another source for the special transparency paper: fairhaventoygarden.com

Thank you for writing Robin!




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