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Ultimately, STLF has an enduring belief in the future of our world. Leadership development at all levels and in all scopes will be required to create a youth who can seize opportunities to make the world a better place. By creating a buzz, turning some heads, and instilling passion and energy, STLF is at the forefront of student leadership development. Ultimately, as the founding chapter of STLF, we are dedicated to becoming the respected name in student organizations.

It's about people, not events...

It starts with purposeful, consistent relationships. We are committed to advancing the CORE leadership model. Our counter-cultural, anti-hierarchical approach allows every participant to grow through education, interaction, and reflection. Above all, we believe servant leadership means relationships transcend organizational development, tangible results, the bottom line, and even community service. The linchpin of servant leadership, we are dedicated to the individual autonomy and emotional well-being of people. This is the foundation of peer-to-peer leadership development.



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